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miu miu aw 23

I’ve been thinking a lot about the emergence of clutch bags.

I think I fell in love with the idea of tucking my bag under my arm somewhere between Miu Miu fall 2023 and Ferragamo fall 2023. I’m usually a crossbody girl; I don’t like the idea of my hands being solely committed to carrying a bag. I have things to do, I’m a taurus, and I use my hands for emphasis when I speak. I’m very tactile and I want to feel comfortable and free to move without the constraints of an accessory. 

And yet, despite my qualms, I’m still so very fond of the clutch bag. 

The historical element to the clutch is often overlooked. In 1923, a strike among handbag framers halted normal production. This interruption prompted manufacturers to recognize the potential of zipper-closed purses, which could be crafted by seamstresses without the need for a frame. The existing use of zippers in men's tobacco pouches provided a blueprint, and that paved the way for the emergence of flat or fold-over purses. Ultimately, the framers' strike of 1923 indirectly contributed to the popularity of clutch purses during the 1930s.

My first rule of shopping is always asking myself ‘how does it make you feel’ and then ‘how does it look’. I’m more concerned with how things make me feel and whether it feels authentic to who I am. Carrying a clutch tucked between my arms and breast feels weirdly like I’m in my divine feminine; it makes me feel like I’m at a point in my life where I only make the right decisions, it feels put-together, and yet also feels like I’m making a statement about wanting to be perceived as a serious person.

And as every trend has their moment, in and out, out and in, each one recontextualized for each era, the clutch has returned — elevated, oversized, somewhat versatile and wanting to start conversations about being serious. I like her, a lot.